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Submissive With Huge Tits Is A Slave To Cock

by admin on Jun.28, 2010, under sexandsubmission


Ava Devine is a dirty slut with huge tits. She is a self confessed slave to cock and as she says cock is her master and she’ll do anything for cock and

Big titted whore tied to a cross and flogged

Big titted whore tied to a cross and flogged

boy does she ever. The scene starts with her in a dungeon tied to a big wooden cross ballgagged and ready to be abused. Mark whips her ass and shaven pussy with a flogger and then cuts her top off to release her big fucking tits and puts two lit candles on her outstretched palms to ensure she doesn’t squirm too much, flogs her a bit more and fingers her bald cunt. Making her squirm like a bitch on heat she eventually drops the candles and is rewarded by having hot wax poured over her nipples and her pussy caned.


Master face fucking his bound slave

Her master chokes her, flogs her, canes her, pours hot wax over her tongue and slaps her face so hard the dried wax comes right off her tongue and flies across the room and she fucking loves it, she is a total animal. He then drops her down a bit on the cross with her hands tied and pulled behind her so she can take her masters cock in her mouth and this dirty bitch demands to be fed her masters cock wanting to prove to him what a good submissive she is.

She begs to be fucked in her ass – ‘Please fuck my ass, please, please I need a fucking cock in my ass’ and you can tell this is one genuine slut who just wants to be used. Her master then ties her up doggy style with her ass in the air and shoves both his hands up her ass at the same time and fucks her with them until she squirts everywhere leaving a big puddle of pussy juice on the floor which Mark Davis keeps wiping up with his foot and then getting her to suck her own juices off. He then shoves an ass hook in her ass hole and ties it up pulling her ass up in the air, making her stand on her toes spread wide open with a spreader bar. her keeps flogging her ass and shaven pussy with a cat o’ nine tails until she is screaming and red raw and then without taking the hook out he shoves his big cock up her ass as well and gives her a deep anal fucking.

Submissive bitch with an ass hook and butt plug in her ass and a cock in her pussy

Submissive bitch with an ass hook and butt plug in her ass and a cock in her pussy

He pulls his cock out and shoves a big glass butt plug in her ass along side the butt hook and shoves his cock in her cunt making her squirt again reducing this anal whore to a quivering wreck. She is then put into bondage on her back with her legs pulled right out spreading her pussy and ass for Mark Davis to use as he wants. After dripping hot wax over her pussy and tits he then fucks her gaping ass with his hand and uses a magic wand on her clit making her pussy squirt everywhere again and then shoves the Hitachi right inside her pussy before fucking her in her wet pussy and alternating between that and then deep in her ass whilst she begs him to cum all over her. She is eventually rewarded by receiving her masters spunk all over her tits and pussy. A brilliant film which goes beyond acting and shows total and complete loss of control by this filthy degraded slut.

Slave to cock in bondage gettinf fucked in the ass and squirting

Slave to cock in bondage getting fucked in the ass and squirting

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Beautiful Blonde Turned Into A Submissive Slut

by admin on Feb.08, 2010, under sexandsubmission

Whores bound and made to serve

Tara Lynn Fox, a beautiful 18 year old blonde just ripe for being dominated who has that innocent cheerleader look is given up for sexual sacrifice to James Dean and Mr Pete two of the best Doms at Kink.

First she has her clothes ripped off her and then she has a ballgag put in her mouth and has her arms and legs bound to two pillars so she is spreadeagled in a standing star shape in the middle of a room with 2 cloaked figures wearing masks stand and watch whilst both her masters

Beautiful Blonde Bound And Forced To Take Two Cocks

Beautiful Blonde Bound And Forced To Take Two Cocks

dressed in black cloaks too, slap her tits and cunt and then whip her all over with a cat o nine tails and a paddle until her whole body turns a lovely shade of pink. Her reaction is great as you can see the fear in her eyes. They carry on walking round her with their huge cocks sticking out and slapping her all over making her gorgeous ass wobble as they slap it and then take her gag out and make her beg for cock.

Tara is new to porn and the mix of fear and excitement is intoxicating to watch. James Dean then goes behind her and shoves his cock inside her dripping pussy while Mr Pete humiliates her by getting her to repeat over and over again that she is a cock sucking whore. They then swap position with Mr Pete shoving his cock inside her and James Dean forcing her head down with her arms still pulling up and behind her and rams his big cock in her throat making her gag and dribble all over the floor. Her vulnerability is a real turn on as she cries as they abuse and at James Dean takes his cock out of her mouth and turns her head round ot get her to ask Mr Pete if she is doing a good job on his cock with her cunt and when she says ‘is it ok, does it feel good’ through her tears he replies ‘its alright, its alright, I’ve had her better’ which makes her whail with disappointment that she isn’t the best he has had and then her whailing is quickly stopped by having a cock rammed right down her throat again. This reaction is perfect, to see a slave so upset because she isn’t pleasuring her master enough.

Bound Slave With Masters Cock Deep In Her Ass

Bound Slave With Masters Cock Deep In Her Ass

They both continue to take it in turns fucking her bald cunt and fucking her mouth until she comes uncontrollably, shaking like a leaf and her master chokes her round the throat and with tears rolling down her face makes her apologise for cumming without permission and then leave her there in the room spreadeagled, shaking and crying with pussy juice running down her legs.

In the next scene we see her kneeling astride her masters cock on a box with her ankles bound to the side so she can’t get her cock out of her pussy and her wrists bound behind her back while her other Dom whips her ass with a flogger. She is made to turn her head round to her flogging assailant and beg to make his cock feel good too. Mr Pete shoves his fingers in this gorgeous 18 year old blondes asshole to get her ready for a DP and the spread her cute ass wide open whilst whipping her and slapping her tits. ‘Please put it min my ass, please, you own it’ she begs and we can see her journey as she has now made the transition from frightened little girl to horny submissive slut who wants to be used like a complete whore giving all her holes for everyones pleasure.

James Dean keeps pulling out of her ass and while she continues to ride Mr Pete cocks he ulls her hair and slaps her face and humiliates by begging for more cock and saying ‘good whores want 2 cocks’. After Dping her like this over and over again they then decide that her mouth needs more attention so Mr Pete forces her to deepthroat his cocks while her other master subjects her to yet more anal which very quickly makes her want to cum but not before she is made to beg again and humiliate herself by telling everyone that she is cumming while they fuck her ass.

They then tag team and she gets to clean her asshole off the cock whilst being fucked to the hilt by the other and when she gags and spits his cock

Sexy Sub Slut Deepthroats Her Master

Sexy Sub Slut Deepthroats Her Master

out this sweet little blonde submissive is made to lick her masters ass amidst floods of tears just to add to her humiliation. I can’t begin to convey how gorgeous this cute little blonde sub looks as she gets used and abused by her two masters with one plunging into her ass and then pulling out and spreading her ass wide with his fingers making it gape whilst the other spits in her mouth to give her extra lubrication so she can take his cock all the way down her throat. The scene ends with her still tied to the box on all fours and looking genuinely lost and left wanting more as they leave room and in a meek voice she says thank you without being prompted – her transformation to submissive almost complete.

The next scene sees her restrained on the box by her wrists and ankles with her legs pulled up and wide open with her ass and wet cunt at the mercy of her masters and a ball gag in her mouth. They apply a set of nipple clamps to her and then use the hitachi magic wand on her until she is begging to cum bucking and squirming against her restraints. James dean then fists her wide open pussy and shoves his cock inside it and fucks her hard whilst she begs Mr Pete to cum all over her face which he does and its quickly followed by another facial from James Dean. This has to be one of the hottest films I have ever scene without a doubt and worth the subscription fee alone!

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See the video of this sexy slave being trained to pleasure her masters

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